How to develop a python application?

Vincent Davis vincent at
Thu Jun 4 23:12:43 EDT 2009

This might be a off topic but this also seemed like a good place to ask.

I have an application (several) I would like to develop. Parts of it I
can do but parts I would like to outsource. I am thinking mostly of
outsourcing most of my django (or similar) work and otherwise have
some custom classes written.
I would like to do this small bits (that is the out sourcing) at a
time for many reasons but I realize there are down sides to doing this
(I probably don't know all them)

I have a this specific project in mind but don't mind this topic being
rather broad. I would like to read and learn more about developing
software (commercial or open source)

My questions
How do I find programs interested in small projects.
How do they expect to be paid or how should I pay.
Are sites like good?
What do I not know to ask? That is what should I be considering?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Very brief description of the project.
The app would take GPS, Heartrate, Power(bicycle) data from a Garmin
GPS and other devises and upload it to a database. After that I have
several calculations and analysis of the data. Then display graphs and
other statistics. This is a very brief explanation.

There are several examples of similar python projects, but not web based.
The closest web based example would be Training Peaks

Vincent Davis

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