[wxpython] change the language of a menubar

Jan-Heiner Dreschhoff hdreschhoff at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 14:10:38 EDT 2009

Hi Guys,

i am new to wxpython an i have trouble with the menubar.
i tried to write a dynamic menubar that can read the itemnames from an
sqlite3 database, so i can change the language very easy.
like this.

def MakeMenuBar(self):
    self.dbCursor.execute("SELECT " + self.lang[self.langSelect] +" FROM
    self.menuwords = self.dbCursor.fetchall()
    menu = wx.Menu()        ##Filemenu
    item = menu.Append(ID_CONNECT, "%s" %self.menuwords[3])

this works fine, when i draw the menu for the first time, when i want to
change language in runtime, i can not get the menu to redraw.
can someone help me out on this one?
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