pyc-files contains absolute paths, is this a bug ?

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Sun Jun 7 12:16:26 EDT 2009


AFAIK I read that pyc files can be transferred to other systems.
I finally got a windows executable working through py2exe,
but still have some troubles, moving the directory around.

I use Python 2.5.2.
I use py2exe to make a distro
I can unpack the distro, on a clean computer, anywhere where I like, and 
it runs fine.

Now when I've run it once,
I move the subdirectory to another location,
at it doesn't run.

Looking with a hex editor into some pyc-files,
I see absolute paths to the old directory.

Is this normal,
or am I doing something completely wrong ?

Stef Mientki

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