Python preprosessor

Tuomas Vesterinen tuomas.vesterinen at
Sun Jun 7 20:09:30 CEST 2009

Peter Otten wrote:
> Tuomas Vesterinen wrote:
>> I am developing a Python application as a Python2.x and Python3.0
>> version. A common code base would make the work easier. So I thought to
>> try a preprosessor. GNU cpp handles this kind of code correct:
>> Any other suggestions?

I am intensively using So I have 2 codebase: one in py2 and the 
other in py3. When changing the code I have to do things to 2 separate 
codebase in the repository. There are no patch2to3 or patch3to2, So I 
thought that for ensuring the common functionality of both version it 
would be nice to bring both versions into a common codebase. So I can 
update only one code and automate builds and tests for both versions.

Tuomas Vesterinen

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