unladen swallow: python and llvm

Kay Schluehr kay at fiber-space.de
Mon Jun 8 08:00:29 CEST 2009

On 8 Jun., 00:31, bearophileH... at lycos.com wrote:

> ShedSkin (SS) is a beast almost totally different from CPython, SS
> compiles an implicitly static subset of Python to C++. So it breaks
> most real Python programs, and it doesn't use the Python std lib (it
> rebuilds one in C++ or compiled Python), and so on.
> SS may be useful for people that don't want to mess with the
> intricacies of Cython (ex-Pyrex) and its tricky reference count, to
> create compiled python extensions.

Don't understand your Cython compliant. The only tricky part of Cython
is the doublethink regarding Python types and C types. I attempted
once to write a ShedSkin like code transformer from Python to Cython
based on type recordings but never found the time for this because I
have to work on EasyExtend on all fronts at the same time. Maybe next
year or when Unladen Swallow becomes a success - never. The advantage
of this approach over ShedSkin was that every valid Cython program is
also a Python extension module, so one can advance the translator in
small increments and still make continuous progress on the execution
speed front.

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