pylint naming conventions?

Esmail ebonak at
Mon Jun 8 13:30:00 CEST 2009

Hi David,

David Stanek wrote:
> It is my understanding that it does check for PEP8 names. Even if it doesn't
> it is really easy to change. If you run 'pylint --generate-rcfile' (i think)
> it will output the configuration that it is using. You can then save this
> off and customize it.

Thanks, I'll see if I can customize it this way. I looked at it once briefly.

>> I'll try to come up with a nice short code example in the next few days
>> to demonstrate what I think the problem is and post it, thanks for the
>> suggestion.
> If you didn't have an example handy what prompted you to start this thread?


I have had number of examples, but they are rather long, so I think it will be
better if I can provide a short example with the (rather lengthy pylint)
output that shows the problem.

I thought lots of people are using pylint and I would hear one way or
the other about the name checks (ie people agreeing or telling me I'm
way off  :) .. in which case perhaps my recollection/reading of PEP 8
is not accurate.


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