free chart lib for Python?

Aaron Watters aaron.watters at
Wed Jun 10 17:08:09 EDT 2009

On May 7, 10:27 pm, oyster <lepto.pyt... at> wrote:
> I mean chart, not plot. If you don't know the difference, you can
>, which is a commercial program
> is there such a thing with many kinds ofchart, i.e. pie-chart,
> line-chart, ......?
> A long time ago, I programmed a rmchart interface, however rmchart is
> windows only, andwww.rmchart.comdisappeared now
> See you

I'm about to announce WHIFF/amChart after some more testing.

WHIFF/amCharts generates highly sophisticated interactive
charts using Adobe/Flash plug-in applets.

Documentation here:

You can get it from the WHIFF mercurial repository for now.

I will upload a tarball to soonish.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

   -- Aaron Watters

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