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steven.oldner steven.oldner at
Thu Jun 11 15:44:03 EDT 2009

Please give me directions on where to start researching for answers.
I probably can do the javascript, but I don't know where to start on
the Python.

1. Wife has a blogger blog and wants a widget to embed in the posts.
2. Widget will have a form that readers can enter their name and url.
3. Widget also lists in numeric order the name and url of all the
readers who signed up in that post.
4. Son has an old PC he turned into a server, and installed Windows
IIS on it.

What I need to do is to write the cgi scripts to send a list of names
and urls for each post on load, validate the input from the form and
store the results per blog post.

If you have seen Mr. Linky, that's what I'm tring to mimic.  This will
only be for her blog, so she can have a faster load time and less down
time.  I have NO intention to build this for more than her.  So very
simple and easy is the key.

I've read the mailing list, I just got the books,  Programming Python
by Mark Lutz and and Python Web Programming by Steve Holden.  There is
so much great info I don't know where to start or what I need to start

Thanks for any pointers.

Steve Oldner

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