Voronoi diagram algorithm (Fortune’s sweepline)

Captain___nemo mmrasheed at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 15:56:42 EDT 2009

I am implementing Voronoi diagram to find out the nearest location in
a map visually. Right now I want to do this using integer coordinates
(x,y) only in a canvas.

Problem is- I am really confused about this algorithm. I read the
Computational Geometry book, few more theory on Fortune's algorithm.
And I am really confused now. It seems very complex to me when I am
going for coding.

Please advice me very simple implementation of voronoi diagram (given
coordinates). Please advice me simple python code preferably without-
hash, multi-threading, Delaunay Traingulation, fancy colors etc (which
are confusing).

Isn't it possible to implement Voronoi diagram using Fortune's
algorithm without multithreading or hash map?

Thanks in advance.

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