Need help in Python regular expression

meryl silverburgh.meryl at
Thu Jun 11 22:30:14 EDT 2009


I have this regular expression
blockRE = re.compile(".*RenderBlock {\w+}")

it works if my source is "RenderBlock {CENTER}".

But I want it to work with
1. RenderTable {TABLE}

So i change the regexp to re.compile(".*Render[Block|Table] {\w+}"),
but that breaks everything

2. RenderBlock (CENTER)

So I change the regexp to re.compile(".*RenderBlock {|\(\w+}|\)"),
that also breaks everything

Can you please tell me how to change my reg exp so that I can support
all 3 cases:
RenderTable {TABLE}
RenderBlock (CENTER)
RenderBlock {CENTER}

Thank you.

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