ANNOUNCE: libmsgque 3.3

Andreas Otto aotto1968 at
Fri Jun 12 09:54:45 EDT 2009

ANNOUNCE a majorfeature improvement of libmsgque ...

What is LibMsgque

LibMsgque is an OS independent, Programming Language independent and
Hardware independent solution to link applications together to act like a
single application. Or with other words, LibMsgque is an Application-Server

Highlights of the current Release:

This release introduce the C# port and the long waiting "managed" code
interface to "libmsgque". This interface allow writing language-bindings
to libmsgque without using an addition C library as "translator" between
the native language and "libmsgque". The skip of this "translation"
library introduce a new performance leader using C# together with
the "mono" tools and outperform JAVA, TCL, PYTHON.

On windows the "mono" tool and the "microsoft" native C# is supported.

The performance-comparison between "c", "tcl", "python", "C#" and "java" 
was updated:

  -> results:

The Web-Site was updated:


  For a fast introduction use the following URL:



  Andreas Otto

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