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Fri Jun 12 13:22:36 EDT 2009

Hi Thomas,


My name is Sandra with The Carrera Agency.  I saw an online article by you
regarding Tibco Rendezvous with Python.  I am currently looking for a
Python/Tibco developer for a remote position.  Below is a description of
what they are trying to do:


Need the ability to connect to a TIBCO server natively using Python. The
Python TICBO interface must be able to query for available servers and
server clusters, create connections and sessions, and feed messages to
queues and topics. The implementation must be fault tolerant and inform
calling libraries of errors and / or throw consistent exceptions that can be
caught and handled by higher level libraries. 

Functional Requirements 

The module must be able to: 
. connect to a TIBCO server using TIBCO's URL format 
. create a session to a named queue on the server. 
. create a message producer with a given session. 
. easily fill a TIBCO EMS Map Message with key value pairs. 
. send a filled Map Message to a TIBCO server. 
. shut down a connection. 
. work with TIBCO's built in failover and load balancing functionality. 

TIBCO C Native Equivalents 
The following are the native equivalents that need to successfully connect
to a TIBCO server. These functions should only be used as guidelines for
understanding which portions of TIBCO functionality are being used, and
should not be considered requirements for 1:1 equivalency. Simplifications
of TIBCO's C based functionality is expected. 
. Functions 
1. tibemsConnectionFactory_Create 
2. tibemsConnectionFactor_SetServerURL 
3. tibemsConnectionFactory_CreateConnection 
4. tibemsConnectionFactory_Destroy 
5. tibemsQueue_Create 
6. tibemsConnection_CreateSession 
7. tibemsConnection_Stop 
8. tibemsConnection_Close 
9. tibemsSession_CreateProducer 
10. tibemsMsgProducer_Close 
11. tibemsMsgProducer_SendEx 
12. tibemsDestination_Destroy 
13. tibemsMsg_Destroy 
14. tibemsMapMsg_Create 
15. tibemsMapMsg_Set* 

1. tibemsMapMsg 
2. tibemsConnectionFactory 
3. tibemsConnection 
4. tibemsDestination 
5. tibemsSession 
6. tibemsMsgProducer


Basic assessment (not set in stone) of project level of effort to work
. Phase One - 1 week 
o Discovery 
o Architectural documentation for to the C TIBCO level commands.  Validation
with internal engineering teams of architectural documentation and high
level project plan. 

. Phase Two - 1.5 weeks 
o Coding - Wrapping C code with Boost or an equivalent wrapper system for

. Phase Three - 1.5 weeks 
o Test and debug the implementation to assure the appropriate error
conditions, performance, and other requirements set forth. 

. Phase Four - .5 week 
o Finalize documentation and cross train team on implementation


If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact me.  I look
forward to hearing from you.






Sandra Bunn
The Carrera Agency
65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
(310) 370-4778 - Ofc.
(310) 499-5653 - Fax

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