install Python-2.4.4 from source (parallel to existing Python-2.6)

Christian Heimes lists at
Sat Jun 13 03:06:38 CEST 2009

Simon schrieb:
> Christian Heimes wrote:
>> Simon wrote:
>>> I installed Python-2.4.4.tar.bz2 from, using gcc-4.3 (within
>>> openSUSE 11.1 x86_64) via 'make altinstall'.
>>> First, I tried to configure with the following flags:
>>> --prefix=/opt/python-24 --enable-framework --with-pydebug
>>> This provoked an error during compilation via make (sorry, the list was
>>> so long, but I will post it, if it helps).
>> --enable-framework is for Mac OS X only.
>>> Second, configured again without any flags. The installation by 'make
>>> altinstall' to /usr/local was a success. Python2.6 seams unaffected,
>>> too. So, I got my parallel installation.
>> You have chosen the correct and canonical way to install a parallel
>> installation of Python.
>>> However, I cannot import modules like Tkinter or readline within
>>> python2.4.
>> You must install the development library of tk, readline, zlib and
>> libbz2 prior to configure && make.
>> Try this on your box:
>> zypper install gcc make autoconf automake libtool zlib-devel
>> readline-devel tk-devel tcl-devel sqlite2-devel libbz2-devel
>> libopenssl-devel
> Unfortunately, I got the following errors, while compiling via make.
> Please, see attached text file for details about everything I did from
> installing the missing packages via zypper until make.

zypper should have installed all necessary dependencies, including a
whole bunch of X11 headers. Something seems to be wrong on your system
or SuSE's package dependencies.
I know why I dislike SuSE. :) Although I started my Linux career 12
years ago with SuSE I prefer Debian based systems since Woody came out
in 2002. :)

> X11 says:
> Program 'X11' is present in package 'xorg-x11', which is installed on
> your system.

zypper search X11 | grep devel
zypper install xorg-x11-devel

That should (hopefully) do the trick. On a Debian based systems it's
much easier to install all Python dependencies with "apt-get build-dep

To quote SuSE: "Have a lot of fun ..."

Und viel Glück!


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