Python 3.1 Release Candidate 2

Khalid emailkgnow at
Sat Jun 13 11:26:24 EDT 2009

On Jun 13, 5:46 pm, Benjamin Peterson <benja... at> wrote:
> On behalf of the Python development team, I'm happy to announce the second
> release candidate of Python 3.1.
> Python 3.1 focuses on the stabilization and optimization of the features and
> changes that Python 3.0 introduced.  For example, the new I/O system has been
> rewritten in C for speed.  File system APIs that use unicode strings now handle
> paths with undecodable bytes in them. Other features include an ordered
> dictionary implementation, a condensed syntax for nested with statements, and
> support for ttk Tile in Tkinter.  For a more extensive list of changes in 3.1,
> see Misc/NEWS in the Python
> distribution.
> This is a release candidate, and as such, we do not recommend use in production
> environments.  However, please take this opportunity to test the release with
> your libraries or applications.  This will hopefully discover bugs before the
> final release and allow you to determine how changes in 3.1 might impact you.
> If you find things broken or incorrect, please submit a bug report at
> For more information and downloadable distributions, see the Python 3.1 website:
> See PEP 375 for release schedule details:
> Enjoy,
> -- Benjamin
> Benjamin Peterson
> benjamin at
> Release Manager
> (on behalf of the entire python-dev team and 3.1's contributors)


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