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"Mr . Waqar Akbar" <wqr.akbar at> writes:

> A computer is a collection of modular electronic components, i.e.
> components that can be replaced by other components that may have
> different characteristics that are capable of running computer
> programs.

And also storing and manipulating all sorts of other digital
information, not just programs.

> Thus, the term "hardware" refers to all the material elements of a
> computer and "software" refers to the program parts.

Rather, “software” refers to *all* the streams of bits. Whether a bit
stream is interpreted as a program, a graphic image, a document, or all
three simultaneously — or any of countless other potential
interpretations for a bit stream — is transitory, and doesn't affect
its nature as “software”.

Or, as the aphorism goes: The hardware is the parts of the computer you
can kick, and the software is everything else in the computer.

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