ANN: pyTenjin 0.8.1 - much faster template engine than Django

kwatch kwatch at
Sun Jun 14 04:06:36 EDT 2009

I released pyTenjin 0.8.1.

pyTenjin is the fastest template engine for Python.

* Very fast (about 10 times faster than Django template engine)
* Easy to learn (no need to learn template-original language)
* Full-featured (layout template, partial template,
preprocessing, ...)
* Very small (only 1,200 lines, one file)

This is a bug fix release.
See CHANGES for details.

Bugfix from 0.8.1

  * Fix bugs on CacheStorage#unset(). (thanks Steve)

  * Fix tenjin.helpers.html.new_cycle() to work on Python 3.0.

Changes from 0.8.1

  * Update 'doc/faq.html' and add new section.
    'Is it possible to change indent restriction more flexible?'


  * User's Guide
  * FAQ

Have fun!

makoto kuwata

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