Different types of dicts with letter before the curly braces.

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> Python already has it for strings r"foo" or u"bar".  So I do not think
> its going against the grain.


Yes, and there's other syntactic sugar like ";" (barely used),
mentioned string types, "(element,)", "%s"%var or curly braces

Some of them might even seem as unnecessary and redundant, but they
should there to support legacy code, at least, and I don't think it's a
good idea to add any more. In fact, py3 will drop "%s"%var syntax in
favor of "{0}".format(var) and I think it's a good call.

There's only so much sugar to add before it'll transform into salt and
you'll start seeing lines like these:

s**'@z!~;()=~$x>;%x>l;$(,<x>'*e;y*%z),$;@=<x>!;h(l~;*punch jokers;halt;*;print;

I'm happy to use python because it discourages such syntax, among other things.


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