Please advise me for a right solution

VP vadim.pestovnikov at
Mon Jun 15 11:37:32 EDT 2009

Hi all,
Please advise me for a right solution based on your experience.

I need to create a web based inventory tool with specific requirements
such as:

* More then one group is going to use it.
* Authentication and authorization system based on user and group

For example based on a group privileges group can add/edit/delete
their own stuff and having a read only access to other groups stuff.


What solution is better for that?

* CGI implementation from the scratch. It seems to much work and I am
not sure that this is right way.
* WSGI based frameworks such as Werkzeug, Pylons, for HTTP
requests and responds plus different components like AuthKit,
repoze.who and repoze.what, SQLAlchemy or raw SQL

I was trying to get those thing done by Django, but realized that
every time I have to extend Django admin interface or to extend user
profile etc.. I am not telling that Django is not good for this, just
personal fillings. May be I am wrong.

Well, what you recommend me?

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