catch/block assertion pop-up?

Christoffer Hulusjo chulusjo at
Mon Jun 15 14:58:59 EDT 2009


I'm using a 32bit Python module to control a graphics application (Eyeon 
Fusion), that the developer of the application has released to allow 
python scripting. The module is known to have a bunch of bugs and the 
company that made it tells me that there is not a scheduled update 
anytime soon.
I'm using simple commands that allows me to access the applications 
function, it looks something like this.

settingsTable = fusionApp.GetSettings()

The problem is that on some specific functions  (which actually works 
and returns the requested data), it outputs assertion errors, which is a 
pop-up window like this...

"Fusion Assert"  (title)
"File: FusionScript.cpp"
"Line: 361"
"Condition: false"
"Debug, Disable, Skip" (buttons)

So I'm getting all the data I need, but the popup error assertion makes 
my application useless as it could halt for user interaction at any 
time. By the looks of the error message it seems to be something 
actually happening in a c++ dll that the python module wraps to connect 
to the host application.

I can't wait for the developer to update the library so my question is, 
Are there any way to suppress/block/catch dialogs that are poping up or 
assertions? it doesn't trigger any exception so I cant use try, catch.

I'm using Python 2.5.2 32bit build on Windows XP 64bit OS.

Best regards

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