Label (or other widget) auto refresh?

Matias Hernandez Arellano msdark at
Tue Jun 16 00:11:12 EDT 2009

Hi list...
I have a question for you..
First... sorry for my english, but i speak spanish xD..
I have a little GUI made with Glade and GtkBuilder...
in his gui when i click on a button i show a dialog window.. in this
dialog i put a label.. this label show some value.. this value was
reading from serial port.

The PC is connected to a Basic Stamp (a microcontroller), the Basic
Stamp write in the serial port a binary value every time when a some
sensor change..

I need to show this value in the label in the dialog window at the same
time when the basic stamp write to the serial port...

How can i  refresh the text in the label to show the change of the value
every time... instantaniely?

I think in a threads, but i can't get it...

Thanks a lot!!!!

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