Good books in computer science?

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dads wrote:
> I remember someone earlier in the thread mentioning reading source
> code from good coders. I've been wanting to give this a go as it makes
> perfect sense, I suppose the standard library would be a good start.
> What would your recommendations be, something not too too hard, so I
> don't understand.

When people wants to know what (good) Python code looks like, I usually
point them to Trac:

Trac is not only a good tool for development written in Python. Trac
also uses Trac to develop Trac (cudos for eating your own dogfood) and
Trac allows easy browsing of the source code.

I still consider myself a Python-n00b and my judgement might be all
wrong. But I believe that the Trac developers follows Pythonic code
rules and the result a prime example of what well written, well document
Python code looks like.

Check for yourself though at:

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