[ANN] first full alpha release of PyLab_Works v0.3

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 14:27:12 EDT 2009


I am pleased to announce the first full alpha release of PyLab_Works, v0.3.

PyLab_Works is a modular Visual Development Environment, based on 
data-flow programming technics. PyLab_Works is specially aimed at 
Education, Engineering and Science. The ideas behind PyLab_Works are, 
that the final user should not be burdened with programming details and 
domain details, whereas the domain expert should be able to implement 
the specific  domain knowledge without being a full educated programmer.

You can always find my notes on PyLab_Works on
Most of these pages are also collected in a single pdf document, which 
can be found here:

The source code and a one-button-Windows-Installer can be found on 
The files are rather large, because they contain some data samples.
The Windows-Installer contains everything you need to get started with 
PyLab_Works: ConfigObj, gprof2dot, HTTPlib, MatPlotLib, Numpy, Pickle,  
Psyco, pyclbr, PyGame, PyLab_Works, PyODBC, Python, RLCompleter, Scipy, 
Sendkeys, SQLite3, SQLObject, URLparse, wave, Visual, win32*, wxPython. 
Although the PyLab_Works programs are compiled with Py2Exe, all the 
source files are explicitly included.

have fun,
Stef Mientki

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