Once again, comparison wxpython with PyQt

Hans Müller HeinTest at web.de
Thu Jun 18 15:35:38 CEST 2009

Here we have to select between wxPython and PyQt for a medium size project.
In this project several hundred dialogs are to be created. This work will be done by a
program generator which has to re-written.

The question now is which framework should we use.
As far as I could found is PyQt with the Qt Framework the superior choice.
Most articles I found (not all) results to PyQt.
But Qt is expensive ~ 3400€ per Developer and OS.
Since these articles are more or less old, it would be nice to hear your current opinions.

Condensed, I found this pros / cons:

Pros for Qt:
	- best framwork, well designed
	- nice GUI builders
	- faster execution
	- epensive

Pros for wxPython:
	- cheap
	- big community
	- more layers on top of OS
	- more bugs (still valid ?)
	- slower

Can someone tell me about his experiences with one or both frameworks ?

Thanks a lot,


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