Status of Python threading support (GIL removal)?

Ross Ridge rridge at
Sat Jun 20 01:46:31 CEST 2009

Jesse Noller <jnol... at> wrote:
> Sorry, you're incorrect. I/O Bound threads do in fact, take advantage
> of multiple cores.

<jure.erznoznik at> wrote:
>Incorrect. They take advantage of OS threading support where another
>thread can run while one is blocked for I/O.  That is not equal to
>running on multiple cores (though it actually does do that, just that
>cores are all not well utilized - sum(x) < 100% of one core).  You wil
>get better performance running on single core because of the way GIL is
>implemented in all cases.

Aahz <aahz at> wrote:
>You should put up or shut up -- I've certainly seen multi-core speedup
>with threaded software, so show us your benchmarks!

By definition an I/O bound thread isn't CPU bound so won't benefit from
improved CPU resources.

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