python needs a tutorial for install and setup on a Mac

Vincent Davis vincent at
Sun Jun 21 11:34:23 EDT 2009

I am running python on a mac and when I was getting going it was difficult
to setup information. Specifically how modify bash_profile, how pythonpath
works and how to set it up. how to switch between python versions. How/where
to install modules if you have multiple installed versions. I am thinking
about this from perspective  of a new pythoner (is there a word for a person
who programs in python). I think many new pythoners may be like me and don't
mess with the underling UNIX on a mac.
My question/suggestion is that there be a nice tutorial for this. I am
wiling to contribute much but I am still somewhat new to python and may need
help with some details. Also where should this be posted, how do I post it.
Do other think there is a need? Any willing to help?
But of course I may have missed a great tutorial out there if so I think It
needs to be easier to findor I need to learn how to look.

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