IDLE / Python 2.5 under Jaunty

duncan smith buzzard at
Tue Jun 23 19:55:14 EDT 2009

A little off-topic perhaps, but I can't think of anywhere more likely to
contain people with answers.

I've just upgraded to Jaunty Jackalope where Python 2.6 is the default
Python version.  I'm still developing under 2.5, but IDLE now refuses to
respond to left click events (for code editing, menus etc. respond as
expected).  If I right click, then left click I can move the cursor, but
that's not ideal.  I've tried SPE which is great, but I can't find a way
of configuring the Python version, so I'm stuck with a 2.6 shell.

I've had limited success with Boa Constructor (which defaulted to Python
2.6 and wxPython 2.6).  By renaming a symlink
(/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/wx-2.6-gtk2-unicode.pth) I managed to
get the wx version for Python 2.5 to default to  I've pointed
Boa at 2.5 using the interpreter chooser, but the Boa frame designer
still appears to expect wxPython 2.6 (it finds "errors" in my code and
refuses to fire up).

So, has anybody else had the left click issue with IDLE (and solved it)?
 Does anyone know how I can configure Boa to use wxPython  Does
anyone know if it's possible to configure the Python version under SPE?



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