Meta question: disappearing posts (was Re: calculating a self.value, self.randomnum = normalvariate(x, y))

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Wed Jun 24 05:13:37 CEST 2009

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>Aahz <aahz at> wrote:
>>Piet van Oostrum  <piet at> wrote:
>>>>I notice that I see several postings on news:comp.lang.python that are
>>>replies to other postings that I don't see. 
>>As stated previously, my suspicion is that at least some is caused by a
>>problem with MIME messages and the mail->news gateway on
>I'm not sure what MIME would have to do with it, but Piet van Oostrum's
>problem is almost certainly as result of the mail to news
>gateway mangling the References header.  The missing postings he's looking
>for don't actually exist.  Just go up the thread one more posting and
>you'll find the message that was being replied to.

While that's also a bug in Mailman (I have a long-standing to-do item to
fix that), there are also plenty of posts that simply aren't showing up
in  As I said, I'm pretty sure (based on what was happening with that it's some kind of weird problem with the mail->news
gateway with MIME posts.
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