Unable to get Tkinter menubar to appear under OS X

Eric Winter elwinter at verizon.net
Wed Jun 24 12:22:10 EDT 2009

Hi all. I've googled this issue several times and come up dry. Here's
the situation:

I have a X-windows build of Tkinter for Python built on an OS X
machine (10.4 or 10.5, same issue). This is not the Aqua version of
Tk, but Tk built from source using X-Window support. I also use a from-
source build of Python, not the system Python. I don't like this
arrangement, but project requirements (allegedly) dictate this

When I run any application using that copy of Tkinter and that copy of
Python, everything seems to work fine except menus - the code which
creates the menus runs, but no menus appear, either in the window or
at the top of the screen.

Am I required to use the Aqua version of Tk on OS X? If not, do I need
to do something special on OS X when I built Tk and/or Python? Any
hints here would be greatly appreciated.

Eric Winter
Fermi Science Support Center
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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