Paramiko Help

Frank Ruiz frank.ruiz at
Wed Jun 24 23:01:02 CEST 2009

Apologies.. Python newb here.. switching from perl to python.. so
please forgive if this is a dumb question.

I am using the paramiko module and have some global variables defined.


hostname = ''
sshport = '22'

I am then trying to pass this variable into the client connect method -

client = paramiko.SSHClient()
client.connect(hostname, sshport, root)

I also have public key setup between source and destination host, so
not sure if this will work, but trying to jump one hurtle at at time.

So it seems like the values past to the connect method are taken at
face value based on the error message I am seeing:

TypeError: an integer is required

Any help is much appreciated.


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