"The system cannot execute the specified program."

Tim Slattery Slattery_T at bls.gov
Fri Jun 26 22:12:45 CEST 2009

Trent Mick <trentm at activestate.com> wrote:

>Tim Slattery wrote:
>> Tim Slattery <Slattery_T at bls.gov> wrote:
>>> Our office has a copy of Python 3.0 installed on a network share
>>> device. When I try to run it I get this message: "The system cannot
>>> execute the specified program."
>> I should add that before I knew about our shared installation, I
>> downloaded the AS distribution of Python 2.6 from ActiveState. Their
>> install procedure is a *.bat file that calls Python to put everything
>> in the right place. When the bat file tries to invoke Python, I get
>> the same message.
>I'm jumping in mid-thread here, so apologies if I've missed something. 
>Just want to clarify something: the main AS distribution of Python 
>(ActivePython) for Windows is an MSI.

Given the way my machine here is locked down, I'm pretty sure I
couldn't run the *.msi file.

>There is sometimes a .zip file with an install.bat -- but that isn't 
>really intended for wide use. Is that what you are referring to here?

That's what it is. They give you a choice of MSI or AS. The AS choice
is a zip file that you unzip, then run the bat file on the top level.
There's no indication that it's "not intended for wide use".

Tim Slattery
Slattery_T at bls.gov

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