looking for a book on python

Randy Foiles abuse at
Sat Jun 27 02:48:50 CEST 2009

Hello and thank you for taking your time to read this.
	I was interested in learning about python.  In the long ago past I did 
learn some programing but I have not used any of it for years.  I do 
remember some basics however so the book does not have to be for a total 
beginner.  (C, C++, BASIC, Visual BASIC, Pascal and some ADA)
	I have been using Linux for a while and overall still don't know much 
about it but I can find my way.  I have my system dual boot with windows 
	I do realize that everyone is different but I would like to see some 
suggestions and maybe reasons why you think it is good.  I have looked 
for/searched and found a few different books but as my means are a bit 
limited right now I don't really want to buy several just one or maybe 
two books.
	Oh and if someone knows a place to find some used books of this sort 
that would be great (ebay I guess :)
Thanks for your thoughts
Randy theslayers9   gmail

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