postgreSQL python bindings - which one?

Horace Blegg tkjthingone at
Sat Jun 27 06:10:11 CEST 2009

Hi, I'm having a hard time deciding which set of PGSQL python bindings to go
with. I don't know much about SQL to begin with, so the collage of packages
of somewhat daunting. I'm starting a pet project in order to teach my self
more, but I want to avoid getting off on the wrong foot and picking a
package that is not going to be actively updated in the future.

There seem to be several implementations
*   - last update in 08.
*   - version 4.0 was released beginning of this
year, update before that was sometime in 06 ( )
*   - first release was this month?

The last one of those three looks to be the most promising, but I just can't
tell for sure. Your input is appreciated :)

Small side note: Why PGSQL? I have a pre-existing database with good
documentation that I want to use as my playground. The pre-existing database
is also related to the pet project (in that it has information that I will
need to get at in order for the pet project to be of much use).

Thank you for your time.
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