Animate 3D Surface

Philip Gröger philip.groeger at
Sat Jun 27 08:12:20 EDT 2009

is there a way to animate a 3D surface in python using matplotlib 0.98 /
mayavi 3 (i have the python(xy) suite for windows) or vpython?

In *vpython* I tried to adjust the included demo. But
didnt find a way to delete the old surface. I just add more...

In *matplotlib* I heard that the 3d features are discontinued in 0.91 (or
something like that)

And in *mayavi* I played around with surf() but with the
surf(fkt(z0,0)).mlab_source.set command the picture won't update + show (the
demo file in the documentation didnt work as well).

I know there are vpython and mayavi mailing lists, but I didn't get an
answer from them.
I just hope someone of you can give me some "construct" which will work.
Maybe I am just using the wrong methods.

thanks alot!!

- Philip
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