Advantages of Python (for web/desktop apps)?

Tim Chase python.list at
Sun Jun 28 15:45:08 CEST 2009

iceangel89 wrote:
> i am mainly a PHP (mainly using Zend Framework MVC now) Web Developer. used
> .NET (VB & C#) for Desktop apps. i nv used Python and am looking at Python
> now (for desktop apps since its open source and just want to try what it
> offers, but will like to know what good it has for web development also)
> somethings i am curious abt (that came to my mind) now are:

gvn ur pnchnt 4 illgble shrthnd, u mgt prefr perl ovr pythn.  or 
prhps u wnt asmbly lang.  XOR EAX, EAX; MOV [EAX], EAX

> - performance

More than sufficient for my needs (scripting, web apps, most GUI 
apps) -- you can always drop to optimized C/C++ functions/modules 
if needed or use custom modules like numpy/numeric/etc for 
processor-intense work.

> - ide to use?

I use vim.  Others use emacs.  Some use Eclipse.  Some use 
WingIDE.  Etc, etc, etc.  Try 'em each and see what you like

> - how do i design GUI for windows app?

Lots of options -- choose the one you like.


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