Flexible warning system

Shrutarshi Basu shr at basushr.net
Sun Jun 28 14:31:00 EDT 2009

I'm writing a Python package where I have an underlying object model that is
manipulated by a runtime control layer and clients that interface with this
runtime. As I'm developing this i'm realizing that there are going to be a
number of places where the runtime might affect the object model in ways
that might not be immediately obvious to the user. I would like to have some
sort of warning system where the runtime can raise a warning and then the
clients can 'catch' those warnings and display them as they want to. Is
there some sort of a system that will operates like that or will I have to
roll my own? If I do need to roll my own, any ideas on how I should go about
it? I know that there is a warning module, but it seems to that all outputs
go to standard out which isn't what I want.

Shrutarshi Basu
Computer Science,
Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Lafayette College,
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