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> Hello all, just joined this list and am just beginning to learn Python.
> Thanks to everyone for making this a great place to learn and their
> contributions.


> As mentioned, I'm new to Python (but have experience with other  
> programming
> languages/scripting). I have a couple of questions...
> 1) Where might I find a comprehensive list of changes between Python 2.x  
> and
> 3.x?

You may read the "What's new?" documents for 3.0 and 3.1:
If you're learning Python the differences aren't so important now (the  
most obvious being that the print statement becomes a function). If you're  
using a book covering Python 2.x, install the latest on that series  
(2.6.2). Support for Python 3 is increasing but many 3rd party libraries  
have not been ported yet.

> 3) Is there an IDE for Python development, which is the best?

Look in the wiki:
or search past messages in this list. The topic arises every two months or  
so. There is no definitive answer.

> 4) I can't seem to install IPython for my 3.x branch (and I did install
> readline), I get the following error via Windows executable installation,
> *** run_installscript: internal error 0xFFFFFFFF *** installs
> fine with my 2.5.1 branch. Is IPython not compatible with Python 3.x? If  
> not
> compatible, is there a timeline for compatibility?

Ask the IPython team; but unless a project explicitely states that it's  
compatible with Python 3, you should assume it isn't.

Gabriel Genellina

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