Ubigraph vs Matplotlib (dynamic plotting, event handling)

Ala shaibani at ymail.com
Tue Jun 30 18:20:59 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I intend to use python for some network graph plotting, with event
handling (clicking on network nodes, zooming in/out etc..) and so far I
have come across two good candidates which are Matplotlib and Ubigraph.

Did anyone have any experience with either of them for dynamic plotting
(a slider bar on a Qt interface causing the graph to be replotted for
each value for example), as well as event handling? (it seems on first
notice that Ubigraph will have an upperhand on that), as well as event
handling such as mouse clicks? (on this one Matplotlib has good
documentation showing it does achieve that while I find ubigraph's
documentation lacking, but I'd preffere to have the opinion of those
who have used them before).

Thank you.

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