automated web with python?

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Mon Jun 1 04:22:24 EDT 2009

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 8:26 AM, P. Kaminski <CGenie at> wrote:

> Ech... The problem is that mechanize doesn't support JavaScript, and
> these web forms are full of various JS functions... Maybe someone
> knows a way out of this? Doesn't have to be Python...
> --

Selenium _might_ be able to help you out.

Otherwise, a method you can use (tedious at first, but can speed things up
significantly) would be to either use firefox and grab the headers you're
sending during a session (the site may use javascript really heavily, but in
the end all that matters is that you're sending the same POST/GET requests),
and then use mechanize, or read the javascript, and then use mechanize.

At my job, I've had to automate a few really javascript-heavy web
applications. Firefox+FireBug+HTTPFox with python and mechanize can be a
lifesaver here.
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