what I would like python.el to do (and maybe it does)

J Kenneth King james at agentultra.com
Mon Jun 1 11:00:42 EDT 2009

Piet van Oostrum <piet at cs.uu.nl> writes:

>>>>>> J Kenneth King <james at agentultra.com> (JKK) wrote:
>>JKK> Well, that's the thing -- type a statement into a python interpreter and
>>JKK> you just get a new prompt.
>>JKK> LISP has a REPL, so you get some sort of feedback printed.
> iPython also has a REPL, but only when you enter the Python code
> manually in the iPython window.
>>JKK> However, some sort of visual cue on the emacs side would be nice. Either
>>JKK> just flash the block of code being sent or a minibuffer message would be
>>JKK> nice.
>>JKK> Look for some SLIME tutorial videos on youtube to see some great
>>JKK> interpreter <-> editor interaction.
> I have tried out SLIME with SBCL (just some simple code) but I didn't
> like the feedback. I got unnecessary compiler warnings, and it was
> difficult to find some useful information in it.
>>JKK> The stock Python interpreter probably wouldn't cut it close to something
>>JKK> like SLIME in terms of features, but the iPython package might be a
>>JKK> start.
> For now the iPython package for me has more options than I have had time
> to try out.
> On the other hand when you execute some code form a Python file (with
> C-c C-c or C-c |) you get this
>  ## working on region in file /tmp/python-26084kfr.py... in the *Python*
> buffer which is very uninformative. This is generated by python-mode,
> not by iPython. You do get any output printed in the code, however, as
> well as exceptions.
> I have made a change in my Python mode such that the  
> ## working on region in file /tmp/python-26084kfr.py...
> message will be replaced by the actual code executed, if that code is
> not too big (size configurable). And that looks nicer. 
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If you have a patch file for that, I'd be interested in trying it out. :)

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