BMP32 for linux

Djames Suhanko djames.suhanko at
Mon Jun 1 12:40:14 EDT 2009

Thank you for answer, Scott !

The python in my embbeded system have not support to others formats. :-(
Then, I found a tip about bmp32 with alpha channel, but I don't have
this module (bmp32) in Ubuntu.

I'm using the cx_Freeze to compile my program, but when I put them in
my embbeded system, the png images aren't supported anymore.

 I did use of  pygame.image.get_extended() function. In my desktop it
return 1, but when put in my system, this function returns 0.

Do you have some tip more?
Thank you again!!

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 12:53 PM, Scott David Daniels
<Scott.Daniels at> wrote:
> Djames Suhanko wrote:
>> Hello, all!
>> Did you know the bmp32 module for linux? This module can to load bmp
>> image with alpha channel where is not supported others images formats.
> Hmmm, why do you think PNG and TGA do not support alpha?
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