do replacement evenly

oyster lepto.python at
Tue Jun 2 08:45:57 EDT 2009

here is what I get
import re
reSplitObj=re.compile('([ \t]*)|([^ \t]*)')
def evenReplace(aStr, length):
    tmp=[i for i in tmp if i not in ['', None]]
    lenStr=[[0, len(i)][i.strip()!=''] for i in tmp]
    lenSpc=[[0, len(i)][i.strip()==''] for i in tmp]
    while sum(lenStr)+sum(lenSpc)>length:
        if sum(lenSpc):
    newSpc=[' '*i for i in lenSpc]
    for i in range(len(tmp)):
        if item.strip()!='':

    return ''.join(_)

if __name__=='__main__':
    a='hello world'
    b= evenReplace(a, 5)
    print 'a="%s", len=%0i' %(a, len(a))
    print 'b="%s", len=%0i' %(b, len(b))

    a='hello    world   yeah    event    even '
    b= evenReplace(a, 27)
    print 'a="%s", len=%0i' %(a, len(a))
    print 'b="%s", len=%0i' %(b, len(b))


2009/6/2 oyster <lepto.python at>:
> I have some strings, and I want to write them into a text files, one
> string one line
> but there is a requirement: every line has a max length of a certain
> number(for example, 10), so I have to replace extra SPACE*3 with
> SPACE*2, at the same time, I want to make the string looks good, so,
> for "I am123456line123456three"(to show the SPACE clearly, I type it
> with a number), the first time, I replace the first SPACE, and get "I
> am23456line123456three", then I must replace at the second SPACE
> block, so I get  "I am23456line23456three", and so on, if no SPACE*3
> is found, I have to aString.replace(SPACE*2, SPACE).
> I hope I have stated my case clear.
> Then the question is, is there a nice solution?
> thanx

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