Challenge supporting custom deepcopy with inheritance

Michael H. Goldwasser goldwamh at
Wed Jun 3 16:45:07 EDT 2009

On  June 2, 2009, Aahz wrote: 

>    >class A(object):
>    >    def __init__(self, aTag):
>    >        self.__aTag = aTag
>    >        self.__aList = []
>    IMO, your problem starts right here.  Not only are you using customized
>    attributes for each class, you're using class-private identifiers.  You
>    would vastly simplify your work if you switch to single-underscore
>    attributes.

Hi Aahz,

  I intentionally chose the class-private identifiers in my artificial
  example to emphasize that I was looking for a solution in which
  class B did not have to rely on particular knowledge of class A's
  implementation.  That said, switching to single-underscores does not
  address the issue raised in the original post.


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