OT: Can;'t find a Mozilla user group

News123 news123 at free.fr
Wed Jun 3 17:55:04 EDT 2009

Anthra Norell wrote:
> I can't run Firefox and Thunderbird without getting these upgrade
> ordering windows. I don't touch them, because I have reason to suspect
> that they are some (Russian) virus that hijacks my traffic. Occasionally
> one of these window pops up the very moment I hit a key and next a
> confirmation message appears "reassuring" me that the upgrade will be
> installed the next time I start. I meant to ask Mozilla about their
> upgrade policy and facilities but for all the googling I do I can't find
> a contact address, nor an active user group. Hints will be greatly
> appreciated. Thanks!
> Frederic

I don't know a Mozilla news group,
but in Settings Advanced -> Settings ->  Updates
you can choose if updats will be installed automatically or if you want
to be asked.

Additionally you could check your SW version in the Help->About Menu and
then go to the Firefox / Thunderbird web site and look at which version
they are?

So you know at least whether there is a pending update

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