Project source code layout?

Allen Fowler allen.fowler at
Thu Jun 4 11:12:44 EDT 2009

> > I was hoping to keep the dev layout as close to deployment possible.
> Completely different purposes. For example, the actual production database 
> and config files form no part of your development project, do they? And 
> conversely, utility scripts that might be used, for example, to set up a 
> database, should not be part of the production installation.

The data will certainly be different. Good point.  (Though for now even the production DB will be sqlite.)

> Here's one layout I used in a production system for an online shop:
>     /home/shop/bin -- binaries (CGI and daemon)
>     /home/shop/lib -- common libraries for binaries
>     /home/shop/config -- configuration files, incl format templates
>     /home/shop/state -- socket for interprocess communication, log files

Thank you.

Couple of questions:

1) Do you use virtualpython?

2) How do you load the modules in your lib directory?

3) How do you reference your configuration directives from within your modules and CGI/daemon scripts?

Thank you,



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