import _sqlite3 no module named error

Vincent Davis vincent at
Thu Jun 4 14:51:49 EDT 2009

>> when I try to run his app I get the no module named _sqlite3 , I am
>> not sure what this is caused by as it looks to me like sqlite3 is
>> trying to import it. Any idea how to fix this? Other than the obvious

>> of getting _sqlite3 somehow, or maby it is that simple
>>   "/opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/s
>>   qlite3/",
>> line 27, in <module>
>>     from _sqlite3 import *
>> ImportError: No module named _sqlite3
>> logout

> >From the path names, it appears you are using the MacPorts python2.5.
> Try:
>    sudo port install py25-sqlite3
> which will bring along sqlite3 if not already installed.

Yes I am using macports I think sqlite is installed? here is what I
get when I run
sudo port install py25-sqlite3

vincent-daviss-macbook-pro-2:~ vmd$ sudo port install py25-sqlite3
Skipping org.macports.activate (py25-sqlite3 ) since this port is already active
--->  Cleaning py25-sqlite3
vincent-daviss-macbook-pro-2:~ vmd$

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