easiest way to plot x,y graphically during run-time?

Esmail ebonak at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 4 19:52:38 EDT 2009

Scott David Daniels wrote:
> Esmail wrote:
>> Scott David Daniels wrote:
>>> Esmail wrote:
>>>> ... Tk seems a bit more complex .. but I really don't know much about
>>>> it and its interface with Python to make any sort of judgments as
>>>> to which option would be better.
>>> This should look pretty easy:
>> Thanks Scott for taking the time to share this code with me, it
>> will give me something to study. I'm not sure if I'd say it looks
>> easy (but then again I am not very familiar with Tk :-)
> I threw in too much, I think. 


Tk seems quite capable, perhaps a bit more than I need for my
simple visualization task at the moment (visualizing a PSO), but
I'll probably investigate it when I have more ambitious GUI needs
or am doing more than plotting the movement of particles on a 2D

Thanks again for sharing your code and explanations with me, a
great way to learn.


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