Feedparser Problem

Jonathan Nelson iamelgringo at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 10:39:11 EDT 2009

I'm working with Feedparser on months old install of Windows 7, and
now programs that ran before are broken, and I'm getting wierd
messages that are rather opaque to me.   Google, Bing, News groups
have all left me empty handed.

I was wondering if I could humbly impose upon the wizards of
comp.lang.python to lend me their wisdom and insight to this problem
that is too difficult for my little mind.

Here's what I'm going through:

>>>from feedparser import parse
>>>d = parse(url)
>>>d2= parse(url2)
'bozo_exception': TypeError("__init__() got an unexpected keyword
argument 'timeout'",),
'encoding': 'utf-8',
'entries': [],
'version': None}
{'bozo': 1,
 'bozo_exception': TypeError("__init__() got an unexpected keyword
argument 'timeout'",),
 'encoding': 'utf-8',
 'entries': [],
 'feed': {},
 'version': None}

I've checked my firewall settings, and python is allowed.  Other
python programs can get data from the web.  I know that the 'bozo' is
for malformed xml.  I've searched through both of those rss feeds, and
I can't find the argument 'timeout' anywhere in them.

Any ideas, thoughts or directions in which I might go?

Thanks to all in advance,

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