MD6 in Python

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>Aahz wrote:
>> Um, what?  You mean 3.1rc1, right?  Nevertheless, my understanding is
>> that 2.7 is mostly restricted to code landed in 3.1, so your second
>> statement is roughly correct.
>My understanding is that 2.7 will come out about the same time as 3.2 
>and will contain 3.2 backports also.  New features are being marked on 
>the issue tracker as for 2.7/3.2.  There may or may not be a 2.8.
>(It was once intended that 2.7 come out with 3.1, but that changed when 
>it was decided to cut the life of 3.0 and bring out 3.1 after 6 months.)

Right, but it was my understanding that work on releasing 2.7 would
commence immediately after 3.1, and that 3.2 would happen after 2.7.
Maybe we should take this to python-dev...  ;-)
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