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Jon Harrop jon at
Sun Jun 7 14:43:25 EDT 2009

Scott David Daniels wrote:
> Lew wrote:
>> Scott David Daniels wrote:
>>> the nub of the problem is not on the benchmarks.  There is something
>>> to be said for the good old daays when you looked up the instruction
>>> timings that you used in a little document for your machine, and could
>>> know the cost of any loop.  We are faster now, but part of the cost of
>>> that speed is that timing is a black art.
>> Those good old days never existed.  Those manuals never accounted for
>> things that affected timing even then, like memory latency or refresh
>> time.
> Well, as Gilbert and Sullivan wrote:
>       - What, never?
>       - No, never!
>       - What, "Never"?
>       - Well, hardly ever.
> Look up the LGP-30.  It was quite predictable.  It has been a while.

Same for early ARMs.

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