pypi compatible software

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Sun Jun 7 17:54:43 EDT 2009

> - is code behind available and why i can't find some
> up-to-date official document or howto for private pypi repository
> (maybe it exists but i just can't find it)?

The code is at

Instructions for installing it are at

I don't know why you can't find it, perhaps you didn't search long

> - since python is used in commercial environments i guess they
> actually have private pypi repositories, where can i find docs that
> defines what pypi is and how to implement it?

IMO, there can't possibly be a "private pypi repository". By (my)
definition, PyPI is *the* Python Package Index - anything else holding
packages can't be *the* index. So: pypi is a short name for the machine, and it is not possible to "implement" it elsewhere,
unless you have write access to the nameserver of

Maybe you are asking for a specification of how setuptools and
easy_install access the index, to build package repositories other than
PyPI. This is specified at

If you are asking for something else, please be more explicit what
it is that you ask for.

> - can you recommend 1 option (software providing pypi like service)
> that can be easily installed and configured as a service running on
> apache2/mod_wsgi, has an active community and docs howto setup?

If you want a plain package repository, I recommend to use Apache
without any additional software. It's possible to provide a package
repository completely out of static files - no dynamic code is

> - i did found - is this the
> spec that above mentioned software is based upon?

No, that's what the title of the document says: a "Mirroring
infrastructure for PyPI".


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